Teaching you the fundamental principles to getting real air on your bike. We’ll have you feeling confident off lips, relaxed in the air and landing smoother than ever before. No more freezing up on take off or barreling through the air like a brick. Proper techniques for proper fun.

In a nutshell: You’ll understand how to jump different types of jumps and have the confidence to safely clear them.

Trails used: Trail centre sections and dedicated freeride jumps.

Jumps come in all different shapes and sizes, so we’ll show you the different techniques to clear any type of jump at varied speeds. Any good rider can become a solid jumper with our progressive coaching course and the correct knowledge on how to improve. You’ll take away some solid drills to improve your jumping every time you hit the trails.

Course content

Pump progression – Using correct body position, pumping and squashing to generate speed. Understanding the speed needed to jump, and improve balance.

Jump theory – The physics behind balanced jumping, explanations and demonstrations of the different techniques and when to use them.

Table-top session – Mastering balanced jumping through timing, speed and control. Grasping how to get safe air and land smoothly.

Rolling Double jumps – Working towards doubles and gaining height off any jump.

Drops – Safe and effective technique for drops with the textbook drills to improve (dependent on needs of the group)

Jump progression and feedback – Instructor led progression session, with video feedback and coaching.

Full day skills courses give you the chance to learn the techniques, session sections and ride with your coach; applying your new and improved skills to the trail whilst receiving constant feedback. Make sure you check the reviews below to see how other riders have benefited from this course.



Airtime Reviews


"I just wanted to let you know how great the course was on Sunday at FoD with Ian. The course content, structure and delivery were all first-class. Ian is a great instructor, a super-nice guy, and a credit to ProRide. He’s clearly a great rider and has an amazing excellent approach in passing on skills to a wide range of other riders. His tuition skills definitely equal his riding skills. It was great to spend the day with everyone else too. I would recommend this course to all levels or rider, even if they know that what they’re doing works, there will definitely be some gems in there to unlock a new skill, however good your riding. Thanks again, and keep up the amazing work."

Stephen white

"Wow what an awesome day on the airtime course. Olly was an amazing host who took us thru a well structured day, correcting me on some basic things I've been doing wrong for years. Really helped me understand new technicques that I can work on in the future. Absolutely loved it, cheers again olly."

Chris Gunter

"As a racer it’s really important to get the fundamentals right. Olly took me right back to the basics, which resulted in better balance and positioning on the bike. By the end of the day I cruised through a set of jumps that I’d have previously struggled to get through cleanly. Highly recommended!"

Leigh Woodwards

"This course was brilliant. Will did an excellent job of explaining what I was doing wrong and pointing out the difference between a good and bad jump using vids. at the end of it cleared a gap I've been casing for years too, well please. Thanks Will"

David Colls

"All of the ProRide courses I have been on have been first class, every skill is broken down to its core so you can learn progressively without feeling out of your depth, the airtime course for me was the final piece of the puzzle, for me the one I was most nervous about, but there was no need to be nervous, I came away feeling confident and able to start my path onto bigger and better jumps, 30 years of poor technique washed away by Will & Olly, Many Thanks"

Rob Evans

"Excellent coaching with Olly trying to remove 30 or so years of poor technique stopping me getting into the air. Reviewing the videos on the day allowed good progression and has allowed me to visualise post course the correct behaviours. Will be returning for more coaching soon."

Colin Lewin

"Fantastic day,Olly made everyone very welcome and regardless of ability we were all given lots of attention which enabled us all to progress,video footage was so important as what you think you’re doing and what you’re actually doing isn’t always the same!!! Learnt loads and great atmosphere in the group. Planning next course"


"Had a great day at FoD with Ollie, having never had my riding analysed it was very interesting to see where I was going wrong with the basics! Progressed really well through the day, ended up being able to clear doubles which have always been my nemesis. The course really gave me the confidence to come home and try some jumps on my home trails and can now clear stuff that I have never been able to clear in ten years of riding. The day was also a really good laugh! Will be back to do another!"

Rob Edgecombe

"Fun day learning good technique, came away positive with lots to work on. A must if you want to improve."

Paul Shilham

"Fantastic day with Olly, as always. The day started with fundamentals of both riding and jumping and then progressed onto more challenging jumps / obstacles. All abilities were catered for and tailored individual advice was given out to all riders. I was able to go from no jumping experience to taking on (and surviving) a pretty daunting rock gap in the space of one day. This course, like any of the pro ride courses I have taken, gives you a really solid foundation from which to build on. Even the most experienced riders were picking up invaluable tips on the most basic elements of riding. Get involved!"

Ian Curry

"Great day with Olly on the airtime course. I wasn't sure about doing the course but it worked well for all abilities. Right back to basics, then gradual progressions as far as people were comfortable. Great instruction from Olly, relaxed and friendly but really clear and specific guidance. Some ideas that seem so obvious now. Jump yourself, forget about the bike... "jumping is jumping" who knew! Went on my own but no problem, really friendly group. If you want to learn to jump or jump better, don't even think about it. Just book!"

Jase T

"Great day with Olly. Set out achievable goals from the start. Easy instruction with plenty of time to learn each stage. No pressure on anyone to do more than they felt comfortable. Great bloke with an easy manner and good sense of humour. Would recommend to anyone that needed more confidence in the air. Already been out and cracked some of my biggest jumps less than a week later. Cheers Olly."

Jase Tooley

"Great day with Olly. Set out achievable goals from the start. Easy instruction with plenty of time to learn each stage. No pressure on anyone to do more than they felt comfortable. Great bloke with an easy manner and good sense of humour. Would recommend to anyone that needed more confidence in the air. Already been out and cracked some of my biggest jumps less than a week later. Cheers Olly."

Mick Ware

"Awesome day with Olly at FOD on the Air Time course. Would highly recommend this if you want to get bigger higher jumps under your belt."

Daz Williams

"Awesome day with Olly learning the fundamentals of good jumping technique, taken right back to the basics and stripping away the bad habits worked really well and with the constructive and timely feedback improvement came on throughout the day. Cheers Olly for a great day"


"Wanted to improve my jumping so booked the Airtime course at FoD. The course was run by Olly who is a top coach and world cup rider. He builds your confidence throughout the day breaking down the techniques you need in order to accomplish your goals. I now have a solid base to take on bigger jumps and clear them! Thanks Olly and Pro Ride."

Toby Box

"Just done Airtime with Olly at FOD yesterday and I can't recommend it enough. Olly is a great instructor and easy to get on with and he broke down the basics of jumping into easy stages and we built up progressively. By the end of the day I had the confidence to tackle a gap I'd been looking at and clear it. Couldn't be happier and I can't recommend it enough. I would go back and do it again. And I'm trying to find time in my calendar already for the tech course."


"Awesome .... just when you thought you were doing it right, along came Olly's technique sessions and slow-mo video to prove you weren't :) The best thing about it is .... you come away with a very clear picture of what you need to work on and why !"

Andy Stokes

"Great day! Joe was really good at explaining principles. I went on the course able to jump off kickers etc, but was landing more by luck than judgement. Really helpful to now know what i should be doing !"

Paul bullimore

"Great day at hamsterly on air time course with joe f,learned a lot and had a really good laugh as well.highly recommend this course even if you think you don't need it ;)"

Dennis randell

"Fantastic day, I came away jumping happily and confidently, that is a true testament to the coaching ability of the pro ride instructors. If your going to book, don't think to hard, just do it! You won't be dissapointed."

Jeff Riddell

"The Airtime Course exceeded my expectations. Joe gave expect tuition in terms of technical ability and quality instruction. Using video to analysis each stage of our progress throughout the day was invaluable. Great instructor well worth the time and effort."

David Garvin

"Great coaching from Ben, really clear on technique & patient, allowing you to re try things until you get the concept, practice makes perfect as they say. Quality location at the Forest of Dean, would definitely book again!"

Brett Stevens

"Had a great day it was really good fun. I am now well on my way to eradicating my dead sailor technique on jumps. I would recommend a course with Pro Ride."


"An awesome day of training. Joe F is a terrific coach, and a good laugh too. You build up throughout the day, moving through progressively bigger features. The video analysis was invaluable, it would have taken me forever to find where I was going wrong without it. Big thanks to Joe and the Pro Ride Team!"


"Perfect tuition from Joe F, focusing on technique built up my confidence to do drops I would never have considered. Likewise for jumping. Great day highly recommend."

Stevie Anstay

"I was part of a group of 4 on the airtime course at Hamsterley, May 2016. The course really helped to apply fundamental techniques to build confidence and left me with plenty of tips. Don't expect to learn to clear everything in a day, you wont- you'll have the building blocks to do so in your own time though. The slow motion video reviews were invaluable!"


"Great day out - the course was well structured and with only 4 of us there, Joe F had more than enough time to go through everything we needed to understand. The fact that you could see a video of you trying something, then discuss it with the group to help you grasp the ideas really helped me build some confidence. I'd recommend this course highly - great tutor, good level of skills being taught and no pressure to push yourself "too far" beyond your limits!"

Steve Jackson

"Best money I've spent in a long time and as a tight Yorkshireman I don't spend it if I don't have to! Joe Flanagan certainly knows his on stuff and is a top bloke. Brilliant coaching, friendly and ultra professional. Made a massive difference to my riding in just one day. I'll definitely be booking some more coaching and would highly recommend prorideguides to any other fellow mountain biker."


"Had an amazing day at fod today Ben was a great coach ,learnt plenty of new tricks and technics to try out in the coming months highly recommend will be going back for future classes ."


"Ben led a great session at FoD. Aimed it well at the group and ensured everyone was comfortable with what we were doing. He encouraged everyone to push themselves within their limits, whilst teaching us to extend those limits. Great course and great training. I learnt loads and gained confidence."

Joe Turnbull

"The Airtime course was a great day. Ben dismantled my bad habits and rebuilt good ones with me. I feel like I can really build on this now. I highly recommend the course, even in the soaking wet!"


"What a day! Step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Ben's coaching technique is relaxed, fun and delivers the results you want. So before you rush out to buy upgrades for your bike to make you faster, upgrade your skills as they'll last much longer and will improve with time and practice! Great day, well worth the money. Thanks Ben. See you soon for the next course."

Jai Uthup

"Just a quick note to say how good the course was. Progression throughout the day was very well judged- just enough to push me out of my comfort zone whilst still feeling achievable. Ben was brilliant- he got me doing both big drops on GBU and I now know what to practice to move my jumping to the next level."

Jonny Gamble

"Had a great day with Joe up a Hammsterley on the Airtime course - learned a lot and ended up clearing the first table top on the 4 track by the end of the day. 
Joe broke it all down so it made sense and built the size of the jumps as the day went all. Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to start jumping or improve their mountain bike skills."

Kieron Bakewell

"Jumping skills course - Do it! I’ve been riding mountain bikes for a long time but like many people always feel a little out of control over jumps. 
By the end of the day’s jump course I managed to clear a set of gap doubles and float through the Hamsterley 4x cross track calmly and confidently. 
This was way beyond my expectations and scary mid air experiences of the past have been replaced by weightless confident jumping with smooth landings. 
If you want to be able to jump and improve your mountain bike skills I cant recommend this course enough."

James Anstee

"This was our MTB skills first course with Pro Ride and wow what a great course this was. Joe turned up on time with a big smile on his face, this set the tempo for the day, fun and very productive. 
We started out doing a small ride to warm up, from this Joe analysed our skills or lack of, and then broke it down to the basics. Starting on the theory of jumping developing through small doubles and progressing to Hamsterly’s 4X track to hone those skills recently taught. 
Joe has an ability to convey what was needed in different ways was excellent and helped the 4 of us massively. Joe then took the same approach for drops further into the forest on the Red Trail. 
The culmination of the day was a nice blast down some excellent trail to perfect those skills some. A cracking day had by all with real progress and development made. Thank you and see you again soon!"

Ben Hyde

"What a day! this was my first course with Pro Ride and it was fantastic. Very chilled and relaxed straight from the the start in the carpark where we met Joe. 
After a meet and greet it was down to business with a warm up on the red then a bike set up and then on to some small jumps and doubles working our way on to the 4x track where our progression as a group and and individually seem to accelerate at such a fast pace! 
Joe it has to be said is a great teacher and guide picking out all the individual weak points and sticky points. We where soon hitting good size doubles and tables in no time. If you have any doubt or flaws in your technical ability then all i can say is book a mountain bike coaching course with Pro Ride! 
I will be doing for some Tech action!!! Cheers Joe see you again soon!"

Jamie Garrett

"What can I say... Joe rocked up and straight away assessed our ability. He then set about filing is and talking through the error of our ways. Within a short time we were clearing doubles with style that we previously cased over. 
We then went on to drops and berms on the red trail and our confidence grew and grew. These guys are brilliant, book a course now! You won’t regret it!!"

Paul Craske

"If like me your serious about mountain biking you have probably already spent 100’s or 1000’s on your bike and upgrading it! Well the jumps and drops course was the best upgrade I’ve ever bought.. End of! 
Joe was a great laugh, asked us where we thought our mountain bike skills were, then we hit the trail to warm up, he quickly spotted our strengths and weaknesses. Then using clear and logical explanations and exercises he rebuilt our riding. 
I left the day absolutely exhausted, smiling like a kid in a sweet shop and with a real hunger to head out on my bike again ASAP to practice everything!"

Peter Holland

"Jumps and drops course was amazing, giving me much more confidence in riding challenging trails. Joe made the day relaxed, fun and taught me the skills necessary to get over or down the most challenging trails. 
Definitely recommend the mountain bike coaching course to anyone wishing to move their riding to another level."


"Airtime Course with Alex @ Forest Of Dean. Alex arrived 2hrs early to check the trails for us as the weather was very poor, constant rain all day. He took us to the most rideable parts, set the bikes up and taught us how to handle them step by step, even with the poor weather our riding skills increased by the hour. 
I now have a totally different outlook on mountain biking, I feel safer, have far more confidence in tackling jumps, drops, demanding terrain. Definitely be coming back for some dry weather action. I can’t recommend Pro Ride skills coaching highly enough."

Chris Izon

"Had a great day! Alex was an awesome coach, would recommend to anybody wanting to gain skills to jump and drop safely!"

James Auty

"Absolutely amazing day at Hamsterley on airtime course today. Joes coaching was exactly what I needed to help me conquer my demons with jumps and drops. The mountain bike technique training I’ve also learned and put to use today has pushed my ability further than I ever expected. 
Thanks guys, already to book my next session. :-)"

Ian Sikora

"Highly recommend the Airtime course. Joe breaks the techniques down into some basics that are so simple, but really help you unlock the barriers that have held you back when the going gets a bit sketchy. 
I have been doing the UK Gravity Enduro Series for a while, and looking to move my game on but not quite sure how - well I found the answers here - Don't waste money on shiny new bits for your bike, book onto a Pro Ride course and get faster :-)"

Ben P

"The Airtime course at a wet Forest of Dean last weekend was brilliant. Alex is a great teacher and really gets you to think about your technique on the bike, and how to improve. 
I feel I’ve definitely got out of some bad habits, and learned a lot of new things that have given me far more confidence to hit jumps and drops. Really fun day on the bikes too, despite the weather. Worth every penny. Get it booked!"

John Latham

"I had a really good time learning new tips about control and balance on my bike which is key to conquering jumps which i previously feared. Joe is a great coach and really breaks techniques down to the basics making them easy to understand and apply to my riding. 
Im really looking forward to putting all that i learnt into everyday practice and looking to book other coaching courses with Pro Ride."

Lee Turner

"I have been riding for years and picked up many bad habits and it was time for me to try to be more confident in the air. The day started with snow which could have turned out very differently, but didnt. 
Joe started the day with some fundamental basics which are so obviously you will kick yourself when he explains them. They are the building blocks for the whole day. By the end of the day i just wanted to get more air as i now felt confident and capable. 
Joe really gives you the confidence to have a go but ultimately push yourself to achieve what you want out of the course and i will definitely be booking on more mountain bike coaching courses with Pro Ride."

Steven Evans

"Just to say a big thank you to Alex brilliant day on the airtime course. This is the 3 rd different company I’ve used for jumps an drops and by far the most in depth an comfortable coaching I’ve received with fantastic results, period. I can’t recommend Pro Ride mountain bike coaching enough! 
Needless to say I’ll be trying their Tech course next. Keep up the good work boys “the best upgrade on a bike money can buy”"

Danny Jackson

"Fantastic day at Hamsterley. Joe gives really clear and easy to follow instructions. He has improved my riding skills 1000%, can’t wait to put my new skills into practice. Also Hamsterley is a fantastic venue. Can’t wait for my next course. 
I couldn’t recommend a course with these guys enough.... Thanks again Joe."


"Had an amazing day with Joe on the Airtime course at Hamsterley Forest. Joe went into great detail on each step and really helped me progress my skills on jumps, drop offs and throughout the trails. 
Highly recommended mountain bike coaching to anyone looking to take their riding to the next step! Excellent work guys, well worth the money!"

Dmitri Dolguikh

"Had a great time on the Airtime course at the Forest of Dean. Alex is a brilliant coach: while the level of riders in the group varied greatly, each steadily progressed during the course. 
For me it was from no jumping to able to (safely) tackle moderate features - a big change in skills and confidence in the span of a few hours. Pro Ride rock!"

Rich Ford

"Had a brilliant day in the Forest of Dean yesterday with Alex on the Airtime course. Alex is a great guy and a fantastic mountain bike coach. He showed me where I was going wrong with body position, balance and the movement of the bike. 
Everything just clicked, I now have the confidence and skills to hit bigger jumps and drops safely. I feel like I’m riding faster, smoother and with more control. I highly recommend!"

Paul Galvin

"Fantastic day of coaching at hamsterley with Joe. Excellent techniques on how to tackle drops and jumps, feel much more confident to try larger obstacles safely. The skills taught will also help all round bike control and flow on the trail. 
Joe is a great coach who knows the sport inside out. Book on one!!!"

Richard Gordon

"Excellent days coaching with Joe. Would and will recommend to anyone who asks me about it. Well worth the money. Makes you want to go out and practise what you have learnt."


"Had a great day at Hamsterley learning how to drop with speed and control along with getting some air off the jumps. Joe was a brilliant coach, he really does break things down into easy to understand instructions so that everyone is improving quickly. 
A nice, relaxed atmosphere makes even the most daunting of tasks feel achievable. See you in a few weeks for the Tech course!"


"Had an awesome time with Alex at Forest of Dean, despite the mud and rain. Some really great mountain bike coaching and I felt my level of riding improve so much as well as my confidence on the jumps and drops."

Mark James

"Lots of great advice and technique offered in this course. By the end of the day, I was cleaning tables and doubles but with the confidence of knowing it was with good technique and style. 
The course improved other aspects of my riding, with knowledge and understanding of MTB skills I can practice in my time with the foundations in place. It was a real plus seeing some of the guys improve so well over the course of the day. 
Having the experienced Joe there for the day can really push you on to better riding."

Leigh east

"What a great day on the air time course with a joe. I can’t believe I’m doing double jumps with in a day and the conference i’ve got what a great feeling it is. Just like to say a big thanks to joe"

David Palfreyman

"Started the day not being able to get my wheels off of the ground at all. Would never have believed that by the end, I would be clearing doubles and landing in the sweet spot. 
Joe does a great job in teaching you the correct technique and giving you the foundations to go away and improve. Feet feet feet, low low low. Book on the course if you want to understand that last sentence. It's as simple as that."

Sean Canavan

"Very good course with Joe , did the AM skills one in the past with Al, the drills for correct position on the bike get you doing it (or at least knowing how it should be done) correctly out of the car park feet feet feet."

James Su

"I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, Amazing mountain bike skills. I was pretty apprehensive about the course as jumps and drops have caused me to freeze up after having a couple of big offs but Joe was a great teacher and builds it up slowly. 
It gave me confidence and by the end of the day I was consistently and smoothly clearing table tops and doubles. I am now a much more confident rider and thanks to Joe, I’ve got the skills to go on and improve safely. 
Remember, the more you move the stiller you does makes sense!"

Justin Turner

"I’m a mid 30s competent and fit rider but my riding had reached a plateau. The day on the Airtime course rearranged my posture on the bike and how I ride the Fun parts of the trails. 
Where I used to freeze up in the air I now feel relaxed and with some more practise I now love jumping! In summary, myself and my bike are now having way more fun!!! I’ll be back for more!"

Nik Strowger

"After the flow course on the Saturday, I was back again to join the group for the airtime course. Ben went over the basics and quickly had us hitting doubles at full speed.
The techniques were all broken down and explained very clearly and gradually our confidence grew along with the distance we were jumping!....We went on to tackle the two big drops at GBU.
At first glance these were pretty intimidating especially as ridden blind. But Ben once more showed us the proper way (we watched many others, not on our course, either going over very uncontrolled or braking and doing the chicken run instead....
I had armour and a full face so thought i should have a go....doing as Ben instructed I looked straight ahead,pushed the bike out with heels down and quickly and safely landed and was into and round the berm...brilliant! 
felt great,with a big smile on my face I was back up for a few more it!.....What a brilliant mountain bike skills course, in fact the whole weekend two day course was superb. 
I just want to end this by saying I went to bike park wales on the following Tuesday,second time and rode faster, smoother safer and more confidently than ever before………… 
Just book up some courses...the money spent is worth every penny and thank you to Ben Deakin especially who made learning effortless and seriously good fun.......Happy days!"

James Oakes

"Great days riding, Ben is an awesome instructor/coach and I felt my riding came on in leaps and bounds during the day. I even managed to fling myself off the GBU drop at the Forest of Dean and am still here to tell the tale!! 
Thoroughly recommend mountain bike skills coaching with Pro Ride and Ben to anyone!"


"Boom!!! I can fly. Book this course! I am now feeling the flow, popping off kickers and pumping through trannies like a goodun and I don?t even know that stuff means!! 
If God existed, rode a bicycle and like to shred the gnar; he would wish he could it as well as Joe Flanagan. Damn ? he made it look easy. 
Perfect execution, great explanation with exercises and scene by scene video analysis all went to making this a very useful and fun day, that you couldn’t get from any amount of youtubing. 
Joe is a top bloke too and was very generous with his knowledge and experience. I would certainly recommend the venerable Mr Flanagan for all your training needs."

Ben busby

"Excellent layed back coaching from both Joe Flanagan and the boss Joe Rafferty. This is money well spent, since having two seperate coaching days from both Joe’s I have improved ten fold! 
Understanding the basics, and breaking down each stage of jumping makes so much sense. With all the new skills I’ve learnt from Pro Ride I will most definitely be a more smoother, confident rider both in the air and ground. 
Practice will make perfect! Do not hesitate to book, good relaxed atmosphere with no pressure, guaranteed fun all day. Flow course is next on my list, might aswell take advantage of the weatlth of knowledge Pro Rides have to offer. Top job Pro Ride!"

Vince Kemm

"At 50yrs old and riding for 30yrs I considered myself an experienced mountain biker however following last years trip to Morzine I felt I was losing ground to some of my younger mates so decided fir the first time ever to book up a skills course.
The day started with a friendly and enthusiastic greeting from Joe our coach for the day. We headed out on to the Forest of Dean trails to a set of table tops where very sketchily we all rode through doing our best to get airborne. 
With Joe watching after a few wise words and a few more runs we were all getting wheels into the air with confidence. 
After lunch we concentrated on drops with a repeat of the mornings methods drops suddenly lost all their fear to us and we launched drop after drop safely and with confidence. 
Book one of these courses it will be the best bike upgrade you will do Amazing results fantastic day on the bike. Roll on Morzine"

Robert Woodhouse

"A big thank you to Ben for a great day out, it always surprises me how little i know about some things. By the end of the day I was surviving drops and happily clearing doubles which are things I had not expected to be doing so quickly or easily. 
I also have lots of positive things to work on before my next course. I couldnt have asked for more."


"Joe and Al have managed to make me ride at a far higher standard than I thought possible. By breaking down the techniques and encouraging you to push yourself, I have managed to hit far bigger jumps than I thought possible. 
This was my third course with these guys, and I’m never disappointed. Now to book the the next course!"

Rob Carr and Karl Smith

"Great day spent at Hamsterley sessioning the 4x and downhill tracks. We started with some balance tips quickly worked through into jump technique. I felt the coaching worked on the day, and the following day I went to the bmx track to continue practicing balance and jumping. 
I even managed a big double that has been giving me trouble! Joe Rafferty knows his onions!"

Chris Cuckson

"Joe explains things very clearly and gives you very usefull feedback. My riding improved massively on the day. I can now ride drop offs much quicker than I thought I ever could. Thanks Joe."

Jo Todd

"Was a little concerned being a chick on a mixed course, however Joe’s teaching methods and his patience made me at ease straight away. There’s no doubt I came away a more confident rider. 
I can now take the techniques he taught, apply them to any terrain and ride it far better than before. Drop-offs aren’t my enemy anymore!"

Lee Stainthorp

"Myself and Sam took a progression course that focussed on air, drops and stance, led by Ben Deakin. It was a great day that pushed us out of our comfort zone but not our ability. 
Ben’s demonstration and explanation of technique was easy to understand and implement, each step using the last to firmly support progress throughout the day. 
We left knowing what skills we needed to work on and eager to practice them! Awesome day and learnt so much. If I were weighing this course up against better parts for my bike this would win every time! Thanks Ben!"

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