Corner Club

Corner club is all about improving your cornering technique. You my already know ‘how’ but need some practice and pointers to polish your skills.

In a nutshell: You’ll be smoother and more confident in the turns.

Trails used:  Mainly red graded trails and some natural sections.

This session is useful for riders that can ride red trails or above, as cornering is key for maintaining speed and enjoying flow on the trails – get ready to transform your cornering and gain a massive boost in confidence.  We’ll iron out any bad habits and create a solid platform for tackling lots of different types of corners.

Half day skills courses give you the chance to learn the techniques and session sections; applying your new and improved skills to the trail whilst receiving constant feedback.

Each corner club session is unique to the riders that attend, as the coach tailors the session to each individual. This is not a ‘complete it’ course, it can be attended multiple times by the same riders as practice makes progress.


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