Find Your Flow Weekend

Pro Ride have teamed up with ‘Infinite Pathways Coaching’ to create a full weekend of life and mountain bike coaching for women who want to ‘find their flow’.

What does that mean?

We will combine supportive, progressive mountain bike coaching to help you find your flow on the trails with group ‘life coaching’ sessions to help you find your flow in life.

We will have time to be outdoors, reflect and spend time with a small group of like minded women to help you discover your pathway, follow it with confidence and become more adventurous along the way.

Who is this for?

Women who want to improve their MTB skills and build their  confidence with a small group of other like minded awesome women; maybe you can already ride the blues and want to progress to the reds, perhaps you want to get some airtime or feel confident riding drop offs. We will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to progress at your own pace and level.

Do you want to be a bit more adventurous, understand what you want from life and how to get there? Do you have a nagging voice in your head that says  you are not good enough or that you could never try something new? If this sounds like you then this is the weekend for you.

What will I get from a ‘Find Your Flow’ weekend?

  • Some ‘me’ time, time to focus on yourself, discover what you want and reflect on your purpose in life.
  • Connection and time in the outdoors to gain some freedom
  • Exercises and activities to find and increase your energy
  • A clear plan by the end of the weekend to help you follow the pathway of your choice
  • A network of women to support you in your continuing growth.

Who is hosting the weekend?

Jo Lee, founder of Infinite pathways, has been coaching and training people for 20 years and specialises in supporting women to discover what they really want from their lives and then plot a pathway to get there. She uses super supportive coaching and planning approaches to encourage and support you to be more adventurous in your life. You can find out more about Jo at Infinite Pathways

Rachael Wight is a super experienced Pro Ride Mountain Bike Coach who helps people of all ages and abilities to gain confidence and skills to enable them to have more fun on their bike. That fun could be going faster, racing, riding more technical terrain or simply feeling confident enough to enjoy time on the trails.

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