Private Coaching

If you’d like to learn at your own pace, in your own time, one-to-one, or with your friends then a Private session at the Forest of Dean may be the choice for you.

Private tuition is for any rider of any level.

Join one of our professional coaches for a fun and progressive session completely aimed at your riding needs.

Choose between a 3 hour half day or 6 hour full day.

What to expect:

  • You will meet your coach at the trail centre, check over your bike and discuss what you would like to get out of the day
  • Your coach will then observe your riding to gather information of your level and riding habits
  • This will be followed by progressive coaching on the skills you would like to work on
  • To support the coaching, your coach will film you riding so you can watch it back and learn from it
  • After the session, you will be sent some of the videos and have specific areas to carry on your progress

To book a session Contact us with some of this info:

  • Your riding level / experience
  • What you would like to get out of the day
  • Whether you would like full or half day and any ideal dates

As professional coaches, we can help you reach your full potential in any area. This is your chance to pick our brains on any subject you want, and be coached to achieve it safely.

*Most of our coaching is currently at the Forest of Dean

Private Reviews

Pete Ilott

"I had a great 1:1 day session with Rach. Started with a complete change of my jumping technique. Struggled with the table tops at first but persistence prevailed. Moved up to the jump line on GBU as well as some drops and by mid afternoon I was consistently getting air and hang time. Rach was very clear with her coaching and very patient too. I will be back."

Michael Prince

"I booked into the progress course with Ian. It has made a massive improvement to my riding technique and confidence on the trails. The video feedback and his knowledge was amazing, I would highly recommend using ProRide if you are looking to ride trails regularly."

George Williams

"We had a private coaching session with Ian. Great coaching of correct technique and was awesome to have video footage to analyse my riding. Feeling much more confident about my riding and far quicker!! Would definitely recommend to anyone."

Paul Ringsell

"Booked an afternoon coaching session to improve my riding technique, gain more confidence and get me down the trails a bit quicker (and safer!). Really good sesh with Rach — she’s an excellent coach, clearly explains and demonstrates different techniques, which has definitely helped me to improve some of the fundamentals."


"Great experience Will is one hell of a rider and tutor. Putting some of the skills to great use. Hope to see you guys again soon. Keep safe"

Ben W

"Excellent analytical instructions from Will. Riding confidence and control greatly improved. I will be back for more! Highly recommended."

Emma, Max and Ben Lewis

"A totally amazing time with Will - a session full of smiles and new skills ... can't wait to go back for more. Thank you very much!"

Imogen Massey

"Absolutely insane day! Have been riding for around 2 years and had got to a point I wanted to solidify my skills and work on some areas I had been struggling on. Will was so sound and a proper laugh so the whole day was proper chilled with no pressure. Went right back to basics getting my body position dialled and this helped massively with the rest of the day working on drops and line choice/braking points and bringing it all together. Everything was really clearly explained and having demo’s and my riding filmed to review helped so much to see what I was meant to be doing against what I was actually doing and how I could make changes. Learnt so much over the 6 hours, left feeling so much more confident on my bike and had a laugh so not sure what more you could ask for! Cannot recommend Pro ride enough, best money I’ve spent on my riding hands down! Can’t wait to get my next session booked!"

Ibs R

"Fantastic day with a really supportive coach, learnt loads- now just need to spend some more time on the trails!"


"After going on with a previous MTB coaching skills group which wasn't that good I was referred to proride my first course was airtime and then had 3 private day sessions to date the difference with my riding, confidence and skills really is unbelievable this was all thanks to Olly at pro ride his knowledge, experience, skill set and style of coaching truly is awesome and would advise anyone to have Olly coach and guide Olly is a great guy and very professional and makes the whole session aimed at the group or totally tailored to your requirements I'm sure as returning to learn more don't hesitate book or consult proride today"

Paul G

"Had a great day today with olly, breaking riding techniques right down to the basics to gain speed and confidence all over the trails! Some great technical and super slippery riding along with fast flowing laps to put things into practice! More psyched than ever to get the bike out now! Thanks for the patience! Haha"


"Great day with Ollie fantastic. Excellent just what a large 50 year old on his ebike wanted as day out with his teenage son. Feel much more confident in stance, control and massive reduced fear and improved fun. Ollie is an intuitive instructor and a pleasure to spend the day with. We will shall be back after more practice!"

Paul Dodsley

"Booked a one to one with Olly to improve my riding. It was a mint day improving my body position and technique. Olly explains things in really good and understanding way, which i found easy to translate to the trails. The video feedback is ace. We had a great day and i can honestly say ive come away a much better rider...boom! worth it for sure."

Ben Kelly

"booked a 1 - 1 training day to give my riding style a revamp and to get rid of any bad habits. Met up with olly first thing in the morning and could tell straight away it was going to be a good day! Great guy with lots of knowledge to pass on, he gave great advise and in a very professional way... Came away from my coaching day with lots to think about and can not wait to get booked on for another days 1-1! Thanks to olly and pro rides for a great day!!"

Eddie McGowan

"I had a great day with Olly but he smashed my riding to bits. For the better. The day increased my knowledge extended my aims and put a smile on my face that had been fading along with my love for riding. When I feel I can do what I’ve been taught pretty much instinctively I’ll be booking another course to step my riding up to the next level I can achieve."


"I met with Will and had hoped to nail tail whips & gap jumps by the end of the day. Diplomatically he suggested we might start with body position and take it from there. He explained clearly and definitively what the optimum position is and to my surprise after many years of riding and racing it wasn’t (quite) what I thought . We went on from there to focus and harnessing momentum through pumping and squashing and I discovered that by keeping my wheels on the ground I can travel faster and retain control. Who knew ? With quite a bit of focus on cornering while maintaining my core position moving on to steep stuff was relatively straightforward. Truthfully,although I never did get to ask about tail whips, I left more knowledgeable,more relaxed on the bike ,smoother and ultimately faster. Thanks Will,I shall be looking to incorporate those key points into my training and riding and maybe next year come back to work on the ‘cool stuff’"

Adam Wheelwright

"Had a really satisfying session with Olly on a warm and sunny Tuesday in the Forsst of Dean. Communication before, during and after the session has been excellent with a real focus on understanding what I wanted to achieve in the session. Olly has a really great coaching style - relaxed and anchored around the fact that riding bikes is, and should be, primarily about having fun! He has a keen eye for detail but also gauages when ‘less is more’ For my session we started with the basics but then, fairly quickly, dropped down into a couple of specific things to improve and work on during and after the session - exactly what I wanted. Overall - great coaching, great weather and a great day"

Andrew Lane

"I am so glad I booked some 1-1 coaching with Olly at the Forest of Dean. I've been riding for about 6 years but felt I needed some outside help. His easy going teaching style made learning very easy and understandable. Olly has a great depth of knowledge that is really worth tapping into to get the fundamental techniques right. Or correct what you may be doing wrong. I absolutely sure what I've learned on the course will make a big difference to my riding. Looking forward to another session asap. If you're thinking about booking with these guys, just do it. You won't regret it!"


"After having a private coaching day with a friend a few weeks before my annual Morzine trip, I was doubtful there was enough time to practise what I had been taught. During that week away I rode Champery for the first time and although a lot of it was way above my level, the techniques Olly tought us made me confident enough to try sections I wouldn't of dreamed about before! The Le Croisset track on the way back was amazing. Full runs last year weren't possible but this year I powered through. My technique is slowly becoming more natural and corners are speeding up. Confidence was high all week and I felt in control where previously was not! Definitely signing upto another day."

Simon Wilkes

"After having a private coaching day with a friend a few weeks before my annual Morzine trip, I was doubtful there was enough time to practise what I had been taught. During that week away I rode Champery for the first time and although a lot of it was way above my level, the techniques Olly tought us made me confident enough to try sections I wouldn't of dreamed about before! The Le Croisset track on the way back was amazing. Full runs last year weren't possible but this year I powered through. My technique is slowly becoming more natural and corners are speeding up. Confidence was high all week and I felt in control where previously was not! Definitely signing upto another day."

Simon Wilkes

"After having a private coaching day with a friend a few weeks before my annual Morzine trip, I was doubtful there was enough time to practise what I had been taught. During that week I rode Champery for the first time and although a lot of it was way above my level, the techniques Olly tought us made me confident enough to try sections I wouldn't of dreamed about before! The Le Croisset track on the way back was amazing. Full runs last year weren't possible but this year I powered through. My technique is slowly becoming more natural and corners are speeding up. Confidence was high all week and I felt in control where previously was not! Definitely signing upto another day."


"My girlfriend and I did a private lesson with Raffi. We both could not believe our improvements both in ability and confidence after just one day. Would definitely recommend!"


"Had a full day with Olly. In that time he managed to undo issues I've had and carried through 30 years of riding and racing, oh and falling. Good work Olly!"


"Two of us spent a day with Olly in the Forest of Dean and there is no doubt that it was well worth it. We were of different abilities but Olly took it all in his stride and we both learnt so much from him, without feeling intimidated. Highly recommended."

"Two of us spent a day with Olly in the Forest of Dean and there is no doubt that it was well worth it. We were of different abilities but Olly took it all in his stride and we both learnt so much from him, without feeling intimidated. Highly recommended."


"Did a private course with Olly at the forest of dean and had a top day out. I learnt loads of little tips I hadn't heard of before that made a massive difference especially to my cornering. Olly was very easy to get along with and was very good at explaining things. If your in two minds about doing a course just go for it, you'll have a great days riding and be a better rider by the end of it."

James D

"Thanks Olly for a great day's coaching at FOD. Definitely progressed my riding and putting what I learned into practice on my local trails has made a big difference. Cheers!"

Dave Baldwin

"Just had a private day with Olly at the Forest of Dean. He was very clear and explained things really well, we covered pretty much every aspect of riding, which will transform our riding, I've been riding for 20 years and have learned stuff to make my riding fun for many more years, I would highly recommend Olly. He's easy to get along with and a good laugh."

Dave Baldwin

"Just had a day with Olly at the FoD and learned so much, starting with the core home position which helps everything. Leading onto pumping, squashing, cornering which we were struggling with, now we know the technique it's going to transform our riding.Then onto manuals, bunny hops and jumps. So much to play with on our next ride, can't wait to get out and ride again. Olly is very patient and explains everything in a very easy to understand way, I would highly recommend a coaching session with him."


"We had a private day for five. It was fantastic! Joe took us back to basics on set-up, body position ("feet, feet, feet") and how to get better pump. From squashing to popping jumps and speeding up cornering. We all learnt so much - including what we'd been doing wrong for ages! So worth while - looking forward to practicing it all and then back for a bit more coaching!"


"Had a fantastic day of learning and fun with Ben. Felt the difference in few hours and will make treasure of the tips shared by Ben Great and friendly attitude which helped to fell at ease and perform. Would strongly recommend Ben for any one to one or Group activity"


"Had the most fantastic day in Hamsterley with Joe F. The time spent getting body position correct on the bike was so worth it- went off drops I would never have done before, and finally got down a rock garden I had never had the confidence for previously. Would highly recommend."

Thomas Hill

"I had an amazing day at the Forest of Dean with Joe, learning lots of new skills. Joe was very patient. One of the best days I have ever had and the next day I could already feel the improvement to my riding."

Tom Colman

"5 of us had booked Joe Rafferty for a skills course at Hamsterley . Joe started by having a chat about bike and suspension set up, before heading onto the trails. A quick blast down Transmission to warm up then it was getting down business. Just the most basic thing as how where to position your weight on the bike soon had us finding more grip and feeling smoother on the bike. Being smooth and finding flow on the trail looked like a dark art, but Joe has a fantastic way of breaking things down to simplify it and we were soon pumping and squashing sections we would normally just ride through. The afternoon we moved onto drops and steep rooty/rocky decents. The weather had turned and it was pouring down, but with Joe's instruction we were riding root and rock gardens that in them conditions we would of really struggled with. Since the course I've had plenty of time to start putting into practice all I've learnt and it's made a huge difference in my riding, feeling smoother and more in control on the technical terrain. Big thanks to Joe for a excellent days coaching , best bike upgrade you can get."

Chris Coumbe

"Had an amazing day at FOD with Joe, I have taken so much away from the days coaching and already feel more comfortable, stable and quicker on the bike thanks to Joes coaching. Joe was a very good coach who is a natural at teaching and riding!!, The day was well worth it and I will be back."

Chris Kenwright

"Great day in the Forest of Dean with Ben. We started off by refreshing weight distribution and the fundamentals before moving on to jumps and drops. By constantly coming back to the core skills, I found myself much less fazed as we graduated to bigger drops and steeper trails I have previously shied away from (GBU) and concentrating much more on the best line out of the next corner. At the end of the day, I have a real sense of progression and increased confidence. Ben also shared with us the video clips he took during the day. As well as proving a nice souvenir, this is incredibly valuable to play back and study. You can't help but be overloaded with information at times, but I can now look back and review the points Ben made and continue to improve my skills. It goes it without saying that Ben is also a really nice bloke, happy to answer any questions, clearly a badass mountain biker and balanced the day really well between constructive coaching, encouragement, repeating sections and some full, flowing runs. Highly recommended"


"Two of us did a private session with Ben on 27 November. Should have done this long ago; Ben is a great tutor and i noticed improvement right from the off. We looked at the big GBU drop early in the day and he said we'd be doing it after lunch. Hell no, i thought. But sure enough we did, and I absolutely loved it! Would highly recommend!"

Rob Price and son Ben

"Half day session at stainburn for 13 yr old son and myself, well worth every penny! Joe is absolutely top coach, communicator, puts key messages across simply, clearly and great to watch him demo-ing how to do it the right way! 
Got me safely going down drop offs that I didn’t think I was capable of, and helped Ben improve smooth his technique and speed for DH races. Both of us came away raving about what a great session it was how much we had learnt / improved. 
Air time session for me next!! Thanks Joe"

Richard Malone

"Me and my brother booked a private session with Joe on 2nd May. We have both been riding a number of years and can get down most stuff, just not very fast or gracefully! 
The session was held at Hamsterley and it was a perfect day for it, the sun was shining and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. 
I can honestly say that we learnt so much in one day I couldn’t believe it, the stuff Joe teaches makes absolute sense and by the end of the day he had us riding the trails faster than ever before, hitting 15ft jumps and doing 5ft drops with ease. 
A cracking day, well worth the money and some of my mates who are much better riders than us are even considering a session themselves. Thanks Joe!"

Stu Clarke

"I’ve just getting into downhilling and started to enter some races. I booked a days one two one training with Joe with the aim of getting me cornering faster, hitting drops and jumps with more control. 
I’d heard a lot of great things about the the guys from Pro Ride so expectations where high. 
Joe was amazing took me rite back to basics and by the end of the day had me clearing 10ft gaps, railing round berm and hitting drop like they weren’t even there. 
I would recommend a course to any one interested in biking what ever there skill level. Cheers guys."

Scott Jowett

"I went for a one to one progress skills day at Stainburn, and can’t recommend it enough! Alex is a great teacher... very patient, highly knowledgeable and great fun!! 
My aim was to build confidence and learn the fundamentals, the result - I ended up riding smoother and faster on tricky sections, that I never thought possible, as well as riding a few sections I would have otherwise not ridden. 
By the end of the day I was riding stuff that I would previously have balked at. I felt boosted and confident enough to ride a drop-off, that at the beginning of the day was a big no go. 
Also Alex put together a few pointers/reminders of the day for me to look back on, which I thought was a nice touch. It was definitely money well spent. Thank you Alex."

Dominic Marsden

"I had a brilliant one to one day with Joe at a rainy Stainburn, by the end of the day i was riding smoother, faster and more in control. 
Although there was a lot to take in, the information was presented in a way that was straightforward and understandable and Joe’s demos are certainly something to aspire to! 
It’s given me plenty to work on for winter and i will definitely be back in spring. Oh and the twenty minute bunny hop lesson is a revelation."

Peter Robinson

"As a keen mountain biker I was recommended to Joe by a good friend of mine and chose to do a one to one full day at Stainburn. 
I have never been a big fan of Stainburn due to its challenging terrain so I was pleased when Joe told me there was plenty of things that he could do to improve my riding skills after seeing for himself my version of tackling this fear of mine. 
Joe is an inspirational teacher with rare leadership skills that make you tackle your fears through mastering the basics. We practised several basic techniques together and then used them on the trail, seeing how much it improved my riding. 
By the end of the day I was much smoother, faster, safer and faster and Joe decided to end the day by taking me down the black run which was awesome! I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who feels the need to improve any biking skills!"

Rosie Winterburn

"Joe was a brilliant instructor. It was a fun, informal session and we both learnt lots of mountain bike skills. We came away feeling much more confident in our abilities and with lots of skills to practice. 
Despite clearly being very fit himself, Joe never made us feel bad when we had to resort to pushing our bikes up hill! I will definitely be booking another session."

Dave Tunbull

"My son James won a prize of 2 hours with the Pro Ride in the Singletraction Chainless Challenge;. I took him up to Stainburn to meet Joe one Tuesday after school. Joe worked really hard with him. 
It was far more than just accompanied riding. After warming up they worked on style and techniques, did some filming and James was soon pumping more speed and jumping the boulder drop. 
He had a great time. I would have no hesitation in recommending a coaching session with Pro Ride."

Robert M

"I thought I’d wait a month before reviewing to see if what had sunk in from the course. On the day, the content was well structured, full day. 
Joe is a fantastic teacher who can both teach and do! He also manages to find improvements in everyone without singling anyone out. 
1 month riding has vastly improved, berms, drops and jumps are taken with confidence, smoothness.
Also I’m now thinking on the best approach, rather than ploughing through whatever got in my way. All in all, a fantastic course with good results."

Chris Sharp

"Great day at Hamsterley with coach Joe. The progress throughout the day was obvious and I left feeling much more confident with new skills that I’m looking forward to putting into practice. 
Highly recommended and I will definitely be back for more coaching."

sean bacon

"Excellent mountain bike skills course,great instruction from ben, got exactly what I wanted. highly recommended"

Simon Clark

"I’ve taken over a week to submit a review as I have ridden everyday since my one-on-one course with Ben at FOD. Since Ben’s coaching, I’ve never been more motivated to ride. 
It was informative, concise and absolutely without doubt how I should have been riding my bike over the last twenty five years. 
Your mates will never give you an insight into what you’re doing wrong, especially if they are in front of you on the trail. The only way to learn is by getting coached. 
One day in 25yrs and I’m a different rider, - both faster and more confident. There’s a trade secret to riding a mountain bike and only a coach is going to tell you it. Thanks Ben at Pro Ride."


"Totally brilliant!! I loved Ben?s flexible style, good humour and support - he’s a great coach and really matched my needs. I loved the 1:1 aspect of it because I didn’t feel intimidated or the need to keep up with others so we moved at my pace. 
Personally I’m delighted at my fitness level and that I could pretty much do everything. Had a couple of spectacular crashes on Tuesday - legs are VERY bruised - and it was GREAT!!!! 
Angela was really organised and responded quickly to my enquiry too. Ben was wonderful working on a Bank Holiday - thank you :)"

Kevin Hays

"Thank you again for today Joe, I cant express in words how much I’ve enjoyed and took from probably the best day I’ve had since I’ve took up mountain biking... I’ve learned so much and feel so much more confident about approaching trails... 
I will try and sum up how happy I am since we finished biking... I called in at the bank on way home and got Rachel my partner £100 out and told her to buy something to make herself happy I gave my son billy £20 and said the same.
 I ordered a lamb PHAL from the Indian takeaway I bought 2 bottles of Henry Weston cider 8.2% and a bottle of red wine Rioja 2007 (which have almost been sank) I’m still grinning from ear to ear and man I feel alive!"

Mark Holland

"Cracking day riding with Joe Flanagan, really learnt a lot. Improving my attack position by riding through my pedals more has increase my speed and confidence on steep trails. Would defiantly recommend!"

Richard Smith

"I had a fantastic days coaching with Joe. I have been on various courses with high profile coaches, I must say Joe is by far the best. He keeps it simple and really works with you. Total value for money. Thanks"

Andrew Pooley

"My 2 friends and I booked a private training day with Joe at Hamsterley. Our whole Pro Ride experience from the initial contact prior to booking right through to our photographs appearing on their facebook page has been nothing but fantastic. 
I would certainly recommend them to anybody who is thinking of booking a days tuition. I had quite a nasty accident last year at Glentress and so I wanted to go back to basics, through Joes instruction my confidence has returned and I can now fully enjoy my riding. 
I rode Glentress 4 days later with my friends and although I was a little apprehensive about returning to the scene of my accident, when I came across the section I rode through it with confidence. Many thanks Joe."

Scott Lynn

"I and the brother in law had been talking for a while about improving our riding so decided to take the plunge and book a private session. 
And of course when Joe turned up and asked what areas we wanted to improve we hit him with the usual jump higher longer faster better. Joe suggested that we concentrate more on our body position when riding. I must say I was amazed! 
After only a few hours he had me tackling sections that I would never have had the confidence to do before hand, and doing it with ease, taking corners at speed while feeling comfortable and stable on the bike. 
An all-round great day with a great instructor and more importantly great guy. I would definitely recommend if you have reached the limit of your riding style or just want to improve your riding. I for one will be back for more!!!"


"Just had a top day with Ben, can’t recommend him enough. We have both been riding for a while now and he catered for what we needed perfectly, recovering the basics and then moving onto race techniques. 
Definitely the start of more progression for both of us, cheers!"


"Alex was thorough, professional and great fun despite the terrible weather. Simple and effective teaching techniques mixed in a bit of fun shredding and some nice use of video teaching aids made this such a powerful days tuition. 
So much so I’m going back next week !"

Andy B

"Met Ben at Forest of Dean and I knew wanted someone to give me the confidence to do more and go quicker as I go to more gravity biking. 
Bens knowledge was awesome and genuinely learnt more as it was all about me and my progress and all his focus was on me. We had a laugh too and at times was like out riding with a mate....I even showed my skills of rolling on one fall at speed! 
Great day and have 3 or 4 key points to work on. I’ll be booking Ben again for another private to further build upon those skills and push on again. 
I can’t recommend the private highly enough as a method to move your skills on quickly....and can’t recommend Ben as an instructor highly enough...knowledgable,enthusiastic and top bloke!"

Richard Wilde

"We have just had a private lesson with Joe rafferty and all I can say it was incredible! Joe’s enthusiasm was second to none. 
This coupled with an amazing ability get his point across resulted in a us leaving the Forest of Dean with a whole new set of skills, from cornering, drops and line choice to body position and breaking. 
All in all a great day out and highly recommended....:-)"

Howard Wilkinson

"This past Monday I spent a day with Joe at Hamsterley forest on a 1-on-1 private session. Not knowing Pro Ride before but knowing that how every many books, magazines, YouTube videos I watched I would’t improve I decided to take the plunge. 
I contacted the team through the web and the communication was quick and professional. At the start of the day Joe assessed my riding (no comment) and quickly recognised gaps and improvements and tailored the day accordingly. 
He didn’t let me bottle those downhill rock gardens and when fear set in he got me down in one piece and then forced my to repeat until it was a doddle and I had the confidence ;). 
All round it was a great day, I had a lot of fun riding, learnt key foundations and enjoyed Joe’s company. Cheers Joe, still stoked and looking forward to the next meet. H."

Stuart Ganderton

"After racing the UK Gravity Enduros, usually mid category when I got it right, I knew I was a competent rider but was confident there was something basic that I was doing in my riding that was preventing me from progressing. 
I have had private coaching sessions with other coaches before (one being ex World Cup DH) and felt no major advancement. Having done the Airtime course with Pro Ride, I decided to book a private session with Joe. 
His brief, make me quicker. Joe found one fundamental issue that 2 other coaches had missed. The difference was immediate!!! Within the space of 2 hours my pace was so much quicker, my control was massively improved and my confidence through the roof! 
The rest of the day was spent honing this skill and getting a base (a golf swing) and a set of key points that I can always revert back to when things are not going to plan. 
Best money I have spent on my bike, EVER! Why am I writing this review if all my competition are going to book and get the same advantage that i have just got??.. cheers Joe"

Adam Barton

"Just finished a fantastic 121 coaching day with Alex at the Forest of Dean. I have already been having some coaching which helped me with core skills, but with Alex’s assistance this really went to another level. 
I successfully navigated some of the rootiest and technical sections I have ever ridden and as the day went on, got more and more stable on the bike in some challenging conditions! 
Perfect finish on the Verderer’s trail, absolutely smashing the berms and turns and probably going the fastest I have ever been on a bike, but still in control. 
Love it and would will be recommending it to all my riding buddies if they want to progress."


"Decided to have private tuition following 2 previous group courses with Joe when I was a beginner. 
The one on one time really helped as you can session lots of features and even though it was one of the wettest days possibly on record Joe was really helpful and enthusiastic and pushed us all the way! 
Now got lots to practice and work on before the trip to Morzine, will definitely be back in a few months time so Joe can help take us to the next level!!! 
If you hadn’t had any coaching stop spending money on upgrading your bike and upgrade yourself as it’s much cheaper and it actually works!!"

Ollie Curl

"I had a great days private 121 coaching with Ben today at FOD. I have been considering coaching for a while now and finally took the jump and booked my self in, I went private as I thought it would be great to focus on my short comings and work on making me a better rider. 
Initially I was nervous but Ben is really friendly easy going and makes you feel at ease. After initially demonstrating my dubious existing skills Ben soon had me improving and by the end of the day I was managing far more technical sections in a safe and controlled manor! 
I even got air born and nailed the correct way of doing drops! Now I’m gunna keep practising with the solid foundation that Bens given me! Thanks for a great day I’m totally stoked!"

Howard Wilkinson

"This was my second private coaching session with Joe post an earlier session in February. My progress since Feb was built on the strong foundations Joe instilled on me on those first 6-hours which allowed my to advance but more over have great fun and far more confidence in my riding. 
I was amazed at just how much Joe recalled of our first meeting which made this second session totally packed with invaluable tips and experience at the right level. Joe is great company and has a unique nack of translating into your language skills and techniques. 
Thanks for another great day Joe and Pro Ride!"

Martin Fairley

"With 6 years of rising We were firmly in the intermediate plateau despite various, regular training sessions. 
Alex allows you to unlearn bad technique and then ride efficiently - demonstrating poor then good techniques helps limit the time you spend mentally querying often counter intuitive methods. 
In summary after the morning alone your riding has fundamentally changed - for the better. The afternoon the builds further consolidating earlier learning. 
It’s quite spectacular how a few simple principles can effect such dramatic change. We drove home buzzing - knowing what we had could be used every single ride with no problem trying to initiate complex manoeuvres - winter has suddenly got shorter."

Matt Williamson

"Joe was very patient with some of my older bloke 20yrs long term bad habits. His coaching gave me new confidence to ride differently and more safely! just need to fund a seat dropper post. 
good day, but cold. came away enlightened with some more fitness. Worth every penny!"

Erik Blackwood

"Inspirational coaching from a skilled and inspirational coach. Its amazing how you can analyse your riding and improve it with such detail. 
The Stainburn course makes for an excellent venue - perfect for the sort of improvements that riders should all aspire to. 
Frankly, it’s pocket money for the improvements Pro Ride gives you. Thank you again Alex!"

John Amies

"Duncan and I both had a very helpful and instructive day which well fulfilled our expectations. Alex was a skilled, patient and helpful instructor who went to great lengths to help all of us. A very good course well worthwhile."

Kieron Bakewell

"I was on the same private coaching day as Nick Turp (comments below) and was really impressed with all of our progression in just a couple of hours. A strange feeling after years of riding to get better instantly with a few well identified tips. 
Joe understood our current riding levels straight away and focussed our coaching directly at where we could improve and it worked. The day was really fun too, lots of riding and not too much standing around. 
Joe also pushed us to ride terrain we wouldn’t have really looked at before. We went home with big smiles and armed with the skills and knowledge to really progress."

Nick Turp

"Me and four mates booked a private day with Joe and to be honest we weren’t to sure what to expect and whether or not Joe could progress our riding as we have all ridden and raced for about 20 years now and competed in most disciplines from Time Trial, BMX, XC to DH. 
Joe’s style of teaching was excellent over 20 years of riding we had all inevitably picked up bad habits which Joe identified very quickly and gave us tips to correct these. 
Some of the guidance he gave us has now become embedded in my everyday riding. It’s pretty surreal that one day’s coaching has made me carry more speed, corner faster and drop smoother - things that I probably thought i could already do. 
It doesn’t matter what level you are riding at, a day with Joe and the Pro Ride will definitely improve your riding, get one booked."


"After building a new bike I needed some advice on setup and handling it. I knew Joe had experience with the brand and so I booked a private day. 
As with my past experience I was not disappointed, my bike is now setup correctly & I feel more confident tackling jumps & technical downhill sections, these guy’s really know their stuff! 10/10!"

Darren Stow

"This was my first ever coaching session after honing years of bad habits but Joe and Joe managed to change my riding in just a day to a level where I felt confident and happy to tackle just about anything and will be booking again once I can arrange a date. 
What everyone has said in past comments is totally spot on Joe’s way of teaching is very easy going and friendly, all I’ll say is everything I approach now I think feet feet feet ;-)"

Janet Hill

"Ben did a lesson for my 14 year old son and he had the most amazing time. He said Ben was a great instructor. Ben also clearly explained to me areas for Alex to keep working on to improve his riding. 
I loved the photos and videos he e-mailed me. The improvement in a day was seriously impressive.Highly recommend and would love more lessons."

Phil Martin

"Cheers for a great day out Joe. It was great to learn how to ride some of my local trails in Hamsterley in ways which I’d never imagined! I’d recommend the Private courses to anyone who just wants to get that little bit more out of their day, or has found group courses a little below their grade. 
Joe was knowledgeable, patient and a great tutor. To return the favour Joe, I’ve even fixed that bit on Transmission for you ;-)"

Kath Goodey

"Really great day with Joe who is super-enthusiastic, knowledgeable and able to distil key information down to just a couple of words, the most important for me being.. FEET. 
I felt that my day with Joe will really enable me to move my riding up to another level with lots of practise of course.. However, the proof of the pudding and all that is becoming apparent already as this afternoon (in the rain!) 
I knocked 10 seconds off my best time on my favourite black, descent at my local trail centre.. Couldn’t believe it! So, thanks again Joe for a really brilliant days coaching! Kath"

Beth Connor

"I surf, I snowboard, I ride horses, but Mountain biking was something totally new to me - I had been crashing around trails, just hoping for the best, over-complicating everything and risking my confidence. 
A days coaching with Joe Rafferty totally turned this around, he simplified everything, and coached me through the fundamentals first -and within an hour I was riding a tricky Red Trail and tackling obstacles with confidence. 
Most importantly - I was wanting to attack more, and achieving that vital Grin factor! Now I want to do more, my mindset has changed massively, and I don’t go out there with any doubts, or those little demon fears that ruin the whole Trail and XC MTB experience. 
Joe’s coaching was inspiring, professional, conveyed in a really clear, positive and motivational style, and I came away with tonnes of new knowledge, tips and strategies to apply to my riding everyday. 
I strongly recommend Pro Rides Guides Coaching - it will totally change and improve the way you ride, as well as how you feel about it. You’re just going to love it even more. :) Thanks."

Steve Roberts

"Had a great day at Stainburn recently with a couple of friends and Joe. Joe showed us where we’d been going wrong all these years and wow, what a difference it makes. 
I learnt lots and was lucky enough to be going to Wales for a week soon after so had lots of chance to put it all into practice. Joe was a great tutor, and is clearly passionate about his work. 
I can’t recommend taking one of Pro Ride skills courses enough; it’s the best upgrade you can buy."

Stephen Long

"We had an absolutely fantastic day with Alex as our instructor on a private lesson. Between 3 of us we have a combined experience of over 40 years riding technical trails but we all improved massively throughout the day. 
The course was tailored to our ability level and aims for the day and I left feeling a much better and confident rider. Alex is a great instructor, an even better rider and all round good guy."

Jonny Scott

"Had an absolutely awesome day at Stainburn Forest with Joe and my riding has improved massively. I would defiantly recommend a private skills day to anyone who wants to improve their riding."

Eddie Dunne

"Did a 1-2-1 session with Alex. One year before I came off my bike and broke both hands. I was amazed at how quickly I started improving under Alex's guidance. Superb coaching style. I'm now riding my local tails much smoother and faster with more confidence. 
Will come back again next year to do a group course. Highly recommended this course, it was worth travelling over from Ireland to do it."

Nick Burgin

"Spent half a day on cornering skills at Stainburn. Alex is a great coach, breakdown the skills into key drills that can be practiced any time you’re on the bike. The difference in my riding by the end of the course was noticeable, which for only half a days coaching is amazing! 
If you don’t know already getting some proper coaching is one of the best upgrades you can buy."

Grant Roberts

"As a gift from my wife I was given a days coaching with Joe of Pro Ride. Being a very competitive male who loves speed I wasn’t too sure how the day would go and what Joe could offer. 
Through use of video analysis and skill breakdown drills Joe taught me how to ride smoother, quicker and with much more confidence and control. 
This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and has given me the tools to improve. I hugely recommend this to all, whether novice or advanced, Joe certainly has the skills to teach any level."

Ollie Vaulkhard

"I am generally pretty happy with my riding but felt inspired to do a 1 to 1 day with Joe after hearing such great things about Pro Ride. I did not know what I wanted to learn but felt fresh eyes may be of benefit and worse case scenario I get a day on the bike at Stainburn. 
After a full day of riding drops, nailing rock gardens and railing berms at speeds I thought impossible I left feeling like my riding had been revolutionised by some simple tips and observations and a change of body position/balance on the bike. 
Joe demonstrated, coached and cajoled these skills and left me feeling like a pro... Pro Ride coach in a professional and slick manner but in an environment thats fun and conducive to learning. 
Cannot recommend highly enough and looking forward to getting back out on my own trails to test my new found skills....."

Ian and Matt

"We had a 1/2 day private session with Joe at Stainburn and improved so much that we are planning another as soon as we can. We would thoroughly recommend Joe and his coaching skills to all riders, regardless of ability!"

Pete M

"A great days coaching with Joe at Hamsterley. This is the second session I have had and each time my riding has stepped up to a new level. Joe has a way of breaking riding down into simple, key steps that improve your riding whatever the terrain or obstacle. 
The aim of the day was to feel comfortable hitting whatever the DH tracks at Hamsterley could throw at me. Off camber rooty corners, check, big rocky drops check, death grip berms check, 4x jumps, check. More fun on the bike - definitely."

Big Rich

"I’ve been racing downhill for three years and knew i was missing something from my riding but just couldn’t work it out, after one session with Joe it became obvious Balance something I had taken for granted and never really thought about. 
Me and three lads attended a private day with Joe at Hamsterley Forest, he showed us how to use balance and power whilst doing drops, jumps, cornering.
Joe’s enthusiasm is endless and apart from lunch he didn’t stop all day, in terms of value for money there isn’t a new bit of kit you can buy that will improve your riding better than this coaching. Unless you’re racing downhill in my category, in which case don’t bother ;-)"

Neil Ellis

"Just completed a 1 to 1 mountain bike skills course with Joe at Stainburn. What a great day!! The skills that are taught are not feature specific but can be applied to any trail any feature. If you want to improve your skills book the course!!"

Jason Walker

"We had a fantastic day with Joe at Stainburn. You can pick up a lot of bad habits in 20 years of biking, most are disguised by the longer travel suspension bikes and its only when you really mess things up that you stop and think about it. 
Thankfully, Joe could see where we were going wrong and with the aid of the iPad so could we. After some simple drills and a bit of practice it was incredible how relatively small adjustments in body position and timing of movements made such a big difference. 
Joe is a great coach and his enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Roll on the weekend!"

Graeme Stanton

"Some friends and I had a day of private tuition with Joe at Stainburn and even after over 20 years of mountain biking it was a revelation. 
We went right back to basics and soon realised just how important this was, especially after taking to the trail and experiencing how it should be ridden. 
Joe is an excellent tutor and his enthusiasm for the sport really helps the learning experience. In short, a great day out!"


"Epic! A great day out with Alex at Swinley forest - converted me from a nervous saddle-sitter to an aggressive, flowing, berm-ripping machine. 
Alex’s private 1-1 tuition helped setup my bike correctly - not just explaining what we needed to change, but how these tweaks helped maintain stability and control. 
Alex analysed my flow around the trails, highlighted specific core techniques for me to work on and tied it all together - encouraging me to keep a consistent pace whilst maintaining vision and safety in some tricky muddy conditions. 
I still have a massive grin on my face after drifting through the corners. Thanks to Joe and Alex for putting together a professional and personal private tuition package, I can’t wait to head out again soon!"

David Roskilly

"Thanks to Alex for an awesome day of mountain bike coaching! We took so much out of it, riding harder and faster than ever before yet staying totally safe! 
Alex is a great guy who’s easy to get on with and makes everything really simple to understand. Joe was also really helpful getting it all organised for us. Highly recommended!"

Matt Brown

"OK, prior to my one-on-one lesson with Joe I would describe my riding style as go as fast as I could and hope I made it to the bottom in one piece. Which is fun but my body was starting to feel the wear and tear of crashes! 
Joe started with bike set up and body position, and then we moved onto corning and jumping. By the end of the day I was starting to feel I controlled the bike and not the bike controlling me for a change, and even dare I say it the mysterious flow that some riders go on about. 
This is an excellent day and worth the investment if you’re serious about improving your mountain bike skills!"

Cheri mills

"Neil and i would like to thank Alex so much for today, we are seasoned riders, came with an open mind and thought if we learnt one or two small tips today it would be worthwhile, that was turned on its head, Alex is an amazing coach (we know a few).
Honestly can’t think how the day could have been coached any better, we have learnt so much and will keep learning with the way we have been taught, our riding has been transformed and we cant wait to get out and rip up the trails, and also to pass on the word about you guys, superb"

Carl Crispin

"I done a private coaching day with Joe at Stainburn and all i can say is what a day. Joe is a great lad and knows his stuff. His coaching not only improved my riding skills but increased my confidence to ride trail features such as drops. 
The day was great fun and i learnt loads including how easy it is to manual. Once i get my fitness up to Yorkshire fitness :-) i will be booking a private airtime mountain bike skills course. 
If anyone is looking to improve there skills then book a course with Pro Ride, you wont be disappointed and your have a great day. Thanks again Joe"

Amber Southern

"I’ve only been riding and competing for a year but i have managed to do quite well this season and i’m now going through to the next category in cross country. 
I called on Pro Ride to help me improve my skills as I knew my current skills level would not match the standard that I would be competing against. 
Within one individual session with Pro Ride, I was amazed at how much I had learnt and was excited about putting it into practice. 
The logic and simplicity behind the teaching made it easier for me to understand where I had been going wrong with my riding. 
Joe took me right back to basics, going through each skill with precision and clarity. It really was such an eye opener. I finished my lesson on such a high. 
There is so much more for me to learn but with regular sessions with Pro Ride and motivation from myself, I hope I’ll be at the standard I need to be ready for the new season."

Antony Lees

"Thanks Joe for a brilliant days riding, not only did I learn new riding techniques that I can work on but it was a fun day. Looking forward to another training day. Cheers Joe, top lad."

Daniel Gray

"What a great day out! As a newby mountain biker, Joe showed me how to set my bike up, repaired my mate’s bike that had jumped off the roof rack en route. 
He gently coached ageing limbs and fragile bottle around the tracks and was a genuine delight to spend the day with. I am booking again in the New Year."

Paul Laver

"I booked a 1 day coaching session with PRO RIDE not knowing what to expect and wondering if / or how they would be able to give me more confidence on my bike. 
After the day I would definitely say that this is the best thing I could have done. The coaching is excellent giving you small tips to make big differences. 
I could not believe the difference in my riding with just one days tuition.... I really recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their biking."

Jonathan Birch

"My brother and I had a day of private tuition at Stainburn to help us step up our riding this year. Though we couldn’t describe what is was, we were looking to improve our flow. 
Joe quickly assessed us and showed us basic drills to strip away years of bad practice and just plain wrong technique. 
We soon progressed onto hitting drops and corners and took away a lot from the day to work on. We even managed to find the elusive flow at Stainburn on the descent line. 
As always in life, the training was about making small simple changes to our riding technique, that when applied consistently overtime will have a massive impact on our riding. 
We could feel an improvement at the end of the day. I followed it up with a quick ride around the black route and found more flow than before. 
Spend money on your riding skills instead of this years latest component. It will be money well spent."

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