Customer question time – Martin

New for 2020 is a series of blogs from our amazing customers to tell you a bit about their experience with Pro Ride.

First up is Martin Hanney, a regular with Pro Ride. We have loved hearing about Martin’s riding and personal journey over the last few years and seeing his progression on both our courses and private days.

Martin, what do you find different about Pro Ride?

I liked the way in which the coach broke down the part of riding that we were concentrating on and scientifically built it up making it all make sense. 

On a one to one lesson we covered all of the riding that I asked to go over and this was all tailored around my skill level and improving it quickly safely and instilling confidence. On the group lessons we were all given different parts to concentrate on depending on what part of the skill needed to be improved as individuals. 

Filming each rider was great, you could see straight away where you may need to concentrate and rectify any errors especially when the coach could talk you through that part of the ride. A great tool for the coaches to use and riders to see. 

I feel my riding has improved considerably from all the lessons I have had, my confidence is getting a lot better but can always improve.

What advice would you give to someone who is unsure about being coached?  

Go for it, it’s the best thing you can do to improve your riding. With great coaches at Pro Ride making you feel relaxed from the off, teaching you to improve with great techniques. 

Thanks for sharing with us Martin, looking forward to riding with you again soon.


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