Downtime Podcast – Improve Your Race Preparation and Mindset

Olly chats to Chris Hall of the amazing Downtime podcast about working with racers to improve their race preparation and mindset.

They chatted about Olly’s coaching work with both the Mondraker downhill team and Laurie Greenland. With Chris’ attempt at the EWS100 just around the corner, he decided it was time to give Olly a call and get his help.

They chat about how to approach the race to give Chris the best possible chance of performing well. From classifying stages to finding the rhythm of a trail, useful for anyone who races.

They also catch up on how Olly has been working with the Mondraker team riders this season and get some insight into Laurie’s performance at the Fort William world cup from Olly’s perspective.

So sit back, hit play and listen to the chat between Downtime’s Chris and Olly of Pro Ride.

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