Pro Ride Guides Summer Camp

We’ve collaborated with Ride In Peace to help aspiring Downhill and Enduro racers improve their skills, speed and confidence. The training will take place over three separate days at Hamstlerley forest, and 11-17 year olds can choose between Trail skills, Airtime and Downhill – or all three!!

Ride in Peace is a non-registered charity that was set up in memory of two young Downhill racers Ben Ineson and Tom Rodgers, who tragically died in a car crash back in 2009. Dave Carpenter of Ride in Peace say’s ‘we want the boys enthusiasm and love for racing bikes to be passed on to the next generation of racers. I’ve known Joe and Al of Pro Ride Guides for a long time now, and I’m really happy and confident that they can inspire and help young riders achieve their goals.’

Summer Camp information

The training days will take place from 10-4 at Descend Hamsterley Bike Park in Country Durham. Please see this map for the exact location. Riders must be at least 11 years old on the day and must bring their own suitable bike.

Trail Skills – This day is all about how to ride smooth and fast on red and black trails, which are often overlooked by young racers, even though they’re a great place to dial in the basics and get confident at speed – they also make up a high proportion of UK Enduro tracks. We’ll cover techniques such as carrying speed, flat and bermed corners, pumping the trail and riding/racing efficiently. You’ll need to be on a trail/enduro bike, as we’ll be covering a fair bit of ground throughout the day. Trail Skills 26th Aug

Airtime – If you want to ride fast then you need to know how to get airborne, and even how not too. We’ll spend the day on jumps and drops, looking at everything from clearing tabletops safely to squashing drops at speed. You can bring your downhill or trail/enduro bike. Airtime 27th Aug

Downhill – We’ll be spending the day on the legendary downhill tracks of Hamsterley forest. There’s huge variety from vertical berms, root infested single track and gnarly rock gardens. We’ll split in to an Enduro group and a downhill group for the day, and we’ll be looking at how to ride downhill features confidently and shave precious seconds off. Downhill 28th Aug

What do I need to bring?

All riders will need to bring a fully serviceable bike, helmet and knee pads. We recommend that all riders wear body protection. You’ll also need to bring spares for your bike, a packed lunch with snacks and plenty of water.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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